Arty Events

Apart from expositions of my paintings in Limburg and elsewhere in The Netherlands and the Euregion – I participate with lots of passion and joy in arty events and projects, both home and abroad. I sometimes co-organize an event or contribute with a painting or a design. I thus created paintings and designs for Kirchroa vuur Kirchroa, de DrielandenomloopSocial Sofa, ART al VENT and Klone Konkoer Kirchroa. Please have a look at the bottom of this page for more projects and arty events I participated in.

My own events

I also organize arty events in my own name. Take for example Adem van de geest (Breath from the Spirit)  at the Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek in Vaals. Together with my fellow artist Jacqueline van Putten, this turned out to be a successful, unique, emotional and special event which was organized by ourselves from beginning to end. From the concept to taking care of all the practical details, even the tiniest one! This beautiful experience leads to new ideas for a new production in the future. I will keep you informed!

Give your event Wings (English for Vleugels which happens to be my name …)

Are you planning on giving your arty event that little extra? I would love to help you! Organizing events comes naturally to me and - or maybe I should say 'because' - I do it with lots of passion and feeling! My part in organizing arty events varies from creative support to the complete organization and from participation to coordination. So, if you have an upcoming arty event or activity...give it Wings! Do not hesitate to call me so we can exchange ideas.

Review events and activities Art Studio Miriam Vleugels

This is a review of expositions, events and other activities.