Miriam Vleugels

Who is Miriam Vleugels?

On this page I would like to tell you about myself, my art, painting by intuition and about my ambitions and dreams.


I am a visual artist in heart and soul. My drawings which once started as a hobby finally developed into painting, more than 10 years ago. I am passionate, I follow my heart and I remain true to myself. This is why I thoroughly enjoy painting, organizing art events and participating in them. From the beginning to the final result, not to mention the wonderful post-enjoyment.

Abstract, figurative or abstract-figurative

My goal is to touch. My paintings touch you through their personal message, the story they tell, but also through the symbolism or simply through the beauty of their colours. I create paintings, both commissioned and autonomous (free work). My paintings are abstract, figurative or a mixture of the two. I conform to your wishes and your story.

Painting by Intuition

I paint by intuition. I paint from my inner feeling for composition and colour. Intuitive paintings are created by letting go of what should be or how it should be. By listening to your feelings. Painting by intuition is painting from your soul.


I love to get inspired by life. Seeking a connection with music, carnival, politics, literature, sports, animals to name but a few. I use these 'Encounters' for inspiration that will result in a piece of art or in a joint art project!


Do I have dreams? Where do you want me to start? I would love to organize more and different kinds of arty events and take part in fascinating projects (of art). Another dream is to compose and market a book of art. My biggest wish however is to be the proud holder of a permanent exposition in a museum!

More information?

Would you like more information or would you like to know what I can do for you, your company or art event? Call or email me with your question.