Why should I buy a painting?

Why should you want to buy authentic paintings nowadays? There are many reasons to do so. Often personal reasons. History has taught us that paintings and art are important in life. It is almost a primary need. Art in whatever form is and will always be a source for inspiration. It inspires you to daydreaming, it comforts you or it gives you strength. Isn't this exactly what we need these days?

Abstract paintings, figurative or mixed

I paint instinctively, commissioned or with free work. The paintings I create are abstract, figurative or a mixture of the two. Have a look at my online art gallery or make an appointment.

Prices paintings

Prices are fixed depending on your wishes, the kind of arty event or project and the size of the painting. As for the size: I can mount all possible sizes. 

Are you looking for a temporary solution? Look at the options for renting or ask for art adviceCall or email me and let us see what best suits you.