Paintings for rent

Are you looking for temporary hanging art for yourself, your organization or your event? Do you find it difficult to make a choice or do you like to change the art works often? Renting paintings could be the solution! There are different options.

Rental rates paintings

Rentals start from 5 pieces of art work, for a minimum of 3 months. These are the different rates:




€15 per painting, per month


€12.50 per painting, per month

11 or more:

€10 per painting, per month







(All rates are exclusive of 21% VAT)

Conditions and Agreement

√  All paintings remain the property of Art Studio Miriam Vleugels.
√  Minimum rental period is 3 months.
√  At the end of your rental term I will contact you to either renew for another term or change your collection for a different one.

Would you like a customized rental agreement? Would you like commissioned paintings? Please call or email me so we can make an appointment.I will listen to your wishes and you will have my personal attention. Would you like to keep a painting? Of course, you can also buy my paintings!